Seasonal Menu

Lunch Menu
From Monday to Friday

Main dish 15
Starter -Main dish ou Main dish – Dessert 19
Starter – Main dish – Dessert 23

On Saturday

Main dish 18 
Starter -Main dish ou Main dish – Dessert 21 
Starter – Main dish – Dessert 25 

Children’s Menu

Main dish and Dessert
15 €

To whet the appetite

  • Tomato gaspacho, blackberry, kalamata olives  10€
  • Ham from Italia and burrata  12€
  • Charred veal tartar, brocolis pesto, redcurrants, quinoa chips 13
  • Cold corn cream, lobster, white corn flan, maiz chulpe  15€
  • Seabream marinated in lemon, organic almond milk, white melon and lemon caviar 16€

 Dishes of the moment

  • Grain salad, summer vegetables, curry emulsion 18€
  • Rabbit on wild fennel and orange from Sorrento, balsamic vinegar 19€
  • Fresh fish, water melon salad, cucumber, green beans  24€
  • Home-made prowne and vegetables ravioli, thai bisque, raw sicilian red prowns  24€
  • Rack of veal from Pays Basque, pan-fried zucchini, onion, shiitake (to share)  52€

Sweets and treats

  • Fruits de carozo (stone fruits), smokey rosemary ice cream, Cambodian sugar  9€
  • Cashewnut cheese, dulcey cream, cherry  10€
  • Valrhona chocolate fondant, grilled corne ice cream, tonka cream, sweet-spiced popcorn 10€
  • White chocolate and coconut cream, red fruits and meringue  10€
  • Small selection of seasonal cheeses 10€
  • Large selection of seasonal cheeses to share  16€
  • Wonderful coffee  12€

All our dishes are «homemade». «Homemade» dishes are made on the spot from raw products.